Set.jpgAnna Semenoff – Set

Exhibition Runs: June 19 – August 17, 2018

Reception: TBA

An expanding pattern displays itself through four corresponding entities –  Set depends on the relationships inside of itself. The notion of duality is undermined by the internal possibility, the indeterminacy of a system before it materializes. The opposing features lack identity; situated within the realm of comparison, they can be easily rearranged and still provide a similar outcome. The checkered pattern emerges within the confines of limitation and possibility. The pattern depends upon its own internal structure, yet it occupies a single material potential. Imprisoned within its own specificity,  Set  is one of unlimited versions of itself. It is its order – satisfied within its complacent specificity.

Anna Semenoff is a Calgary based artist; she is completing her degree at the Alberta College of Art and Design in sculpture. Interested in spaces – her installations consider a phenomenological framework – the relationships between things and people regarding our placements.

Presented in partnership with Sled Island Music & Arts Festival.


A Toast.jpg

Lusine Manukyan – A Toast

Exhibition Runs: May 29 – July 27, 2018
Reception: Thursday, July 19, 2018
6 pm – 7 pm at Arts Commons +15 Space

A Toast is a series of drawings made with a ballpoint pen on the backs of wallpapers from my grandparents home. The wallpaper scraps are each one of a kind handmade pieces and the imagery is based on abstracted letterforms of the languages I know (Armenian, Russian and English).

A Toast acts as a cryptic diary entry by shining a light behind the wallpaper pieces I am able to transport the drawn images to the front, hinting to history lying beneath the surface, reenacting events that took place in that household.

Lusine Manukyan is a Calgary based artist and a recent Alberta College of Art +Design graduate. As an immigrant, she’s interested in themes surrounding identity and constructs of cultural identity. By embracing the complexities of her cultural history and national identity she makes work that reference time and patterns of life.


Riley Thérèse – Baptizing a Ghost

Exhibition Runs: May 1 EXTENDED – June 29, 2018
Reception: May 24, 2018 6 – 8 pm
Main Mall, at the Alberta College of Art and Design

Baptizing a Ghost examines the aftermath of losing a family member. Using tissue paper left in my religious grandmother’s house after her passing, I sewed together a jacket that fits my form. In preforming a baptism upon myself wearing said jacket, I investigate the rituals that the living preform to comfort themselves in the wake of a death. By exposing the value of vulnerability and the significance of discomfort, I use the gallery as a platform to implicate the viewer in a dialogue pertaining to the hardships experienced by the both of us.

Riley Thérèse is a Calgary and San Francisco based artist currently completing their BFA at the Alberta College of Art + Design. Working with personalized experiences, they focus on mental health, gender, family, and sexuality in the creation of unintentional self-portraiture.

The call is now closed. Stay tuned for further information on MNG Fall 2017 programming!

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