Toni Cormier, Taylor Harder & Victoria McInnis – Shhhhhhhhhhhhh

MNGimage.jpgToni Cormier, Taylor Harder & Victoria McInnis – Shhhhhhhhhhhhh

Exhibition Runs: January 21 – February 1, 2019
Reception: January 24, 2019 6 pm – 8 pm
Main Mall at the Alberta College of Art + Design

Ideas of whose experiences are deemed ‘real’ lead to an interest in science fiction and its role in shaping the future, an interest in redefining how we interact with the world and how it interacts back. Something about mystery and magic is grounded in reality, but how can we investigate these moments of exchange? Tools, toys, and machines have been created in an attempt to communicate with unseen and hidden things, to access a renegade navigation through possibilities of the future.

Toni Cormier concerns herself with the aftermath of unveiled secrets. To move productively forward from this point of no return, she uses watery premonitions to access speculative futures.

Taylor Harder is of mixed Métis and Mennonite heritage. They utilize soundscapes alongside sculptures to contact their origins. Interested in heretical forms of knowing, Harder calls upon occult methodologies to speak to both past and future.

Victoria McInnis is an inventor, building machines that harness and channel unseen energies within the world. The machines hybridize science and mysticism, a pseudo-scientific pairing which engages non-verbal communication.

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