Alberta Rose W. / Ingnuuk – A Door That Was Always Unlocked

The MNG LRT Space Presents:IMG_5169.jpg
Alberta Rose W. / Ingnuuk

Exhibition Runs: Sept 13 – Oct 11
Reception: Thursday, Sept 26, 6 pm – 8 pm
Main Mall at the Alberta University of the Arts (formerly the Alberta College of Art + Design

Join us on Thursday, September 26, for the closing reception from 6 – 8 pm. A bar will be on site!

Artist Statement + Biography:

In my mind’s eye, I often try to visualize elements of our old home. The Pthalo Green and white linoleum floor in the kitchen, faded beige carpet in the living room, and the pastel coloured walls. We were part of a housing project called “Rural and Native” in the 1970s meant to aid low-income families in obtaining their own home. Nearly one third of the participants in this program identified as Indigenous and the mortgage formulas were based on an income-to-payment ratio. Since my parents sold it, I have never felt a sense of home or security since.

Mohkinstsis (Calgary) based artist, Alberta Rose W worked her way through college as a cook, then in politics before she obtained her BFA with distinction from the Alberta University of the Arts (formerly ACAD). Of mixed settler/Inuvialuit heritage, Alberta often creates work that reflects,in some way, both aspects of her cultural identity as well as broader social issues related to Indigenous people today.
While in College, Alberta also acted as the president of the Indigenous Student’s club during fourth year as a way to create a supportive, inclusive environment within the Institution. During that time, she was also a member of Next Up, a Canada-wide leadership group for progressive young people. These experiences led to her work in politics, which still continues to this day.
Alberta’s field of practice is interdisciplinary, and she often bounces between mediums as a way of working through different concepts and ideas. Post Graduation, she spent 18 months at Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity as an Indigenous Prepatorial Practicum under the mentorship of renowned Head Prep, Mimmo Miaolo.

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