Fiona Duffy – Shadow Life

The MNG Main Space Presents: Fiona Duffy – Shadow Life 

Exhibition Runs: Dec 4 – Dec 20

Main Mall at the Alberta University of the Arts (formerly the Alberta College of Art + Design)

Artist Statement + Biography

Dissociation, depersonalization, and detachment- clinical terms for the effect of trauma on the perception of the self. Chronic emotional turmoil is manifested physiologically through fatigue, pain, and illness- all of which exacerbate the disconnect between the body and the psyche. In this body of work, this disconnect is realized through the single body pulled apart, indicating a break from physical reality. A visual representation of the vulnerable body, Shadow Life investigates the dysphoria that accompanies the loss of self to one’s own limitations.

Fiona Duffy is an artist living and working in Treaty 7 territory in Southern Alberta. Working with self-portraiture, her paintings are concerned with the psychological states of the chronically ill body from a queer femme perspective. She is currently participating in the Hear/D Residency through AUArts, and is a future Artist in Residence through Calgary Allied Arts Foundation in 2020.

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