Eva Birhanu – look – don’t touch

MNG postcard photo (1)

The MNG LRT Space Presents: Eva Birhanu – look – don’t touch

Reception: Thursday, February 6, 2020 at 6 – 8 pm in the Main Mall
There will be a bar present!

Main Mall at the Alberta University of the Arts (formerly the Alberta College of Art + Design)

Marion Nicoll Gallery, Main Space Managed by the AUArts Student Association

Exhibition Runs: Jan 27, 2020 – Feb 28, 2020

look – don’t touch explores the objectification of mixed race and black women by ways of invasion of personal space by touching their curly hair. This act may seem harmless and go unnoticed, but it reflects the oppression from within a society in the form of racism and sexism. Depictions of hair through weaving and bronze sculpture speak to how curly hair and hairstyles function in society as an object to be touched and tokenized. Women of colour often regard their hair within certain societal pressures stemming from colonialist values, ultimately leading them to place considerable value and time on their hair. look – don’t touch displays personal and commonly experienced interactions with curly hair in contemporary Western society.

Eva Birhanu is an interdisciplinary artist working in Calgary, Alberta, Treaty 7 Territory. Born in Canada to immigrant parents from Denmark and Ethiopia, she focuses on identity and race in her work. Eva mainly works in mediums of fibre and sculpture, autoethnographically exploring exoticism and objectification. She was a recipient of the Louise McKinney Scholarship for academic achievement in 2019.

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