Larissa Pendlebury – Me – as defined by my parents

MNG showcardThe MNG LRT Space Presents: Larissa Pendlebury – Me – as defined by my parents

Reception: Thursday, March 5, 2020, at 6 – 8 pm in the Main Mall
There will be a bar present!

Main Mall at the Alberta University of the Arts (formerly the Alberta College of Art + Design)

Marion Nicoll Gallery, Main Space Managed by the AUArts Student Association

Exhibition Runs: March 2, 2020 – April 3, 2020

Artist Statement + Biography

My work explores the importance of authorship in connection to my relationship with found text. I transform photographs and handwritten momento’s, through the mimicking of words and phrases. To create a new narrative, I juxtapose my meticulous handwritten works against memories of the past.

Larissa Pendlebury is an artist living and working in Calgary Alberta. Working primarily with painting as a medium, she also employs sound and video in select works. Some of the main ideas that she is drawing from are memories from her past and themes related to her family, specifically her relationship with her father.

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