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Submissions Open: August 3rd, 2017 at 9:00AM
Submissions Close: August 31st, 2017 at 11:59PM

The Marion Nicoll Gallery (MNG) will be accepting submissions for Fall 2017. If you are interested in having a show between September-December 2017 in any of our three gallery spaces, now is your time to submit a proposal! All current ACAD students are eligible to submit, as well as recent ACAD graduates within the last three years. Please read through “Submission Guidelines” carefully and then complete the online submission form. If you have any questions regarding the submissions process, please email the MNG Coordinator, Laura Pritchard at

The ONLINE submission form is available here:

Information about the three gallery spaces available can be found at

Also, the MNG Selection Jury needs members for the Fall 2017 Semester Exhibition Submissions! More information about jury member applications can be found here:

Again if you have any questions, please send all inquiries to:

Thank you! The Marion Nicoll Gallery looks forward to seeing your submission!

The Marion Nicoll Gallery (MNG) Selection Jury needs members for the Fall 2017 Semester Exhibition Submissions!


  • Call is open to all majors in any year: members must be in good standing of ACADSA i.e. have paid your tuition/fees.
  • Students who are applying for an exhibition in MNG this term are not eligible jury candidates.
  • Approximately two – three hours to review submissions at home – you will receive an invitation to join a private DropBox folder to evaluate submissions prior to the jury meeting.
  • Approximately three hours to meet at ACAD on September 9th, 2017 to decide on artists/proposals for all three MNG spaces.
  • Availability to complete the submissions review tasks as outlined above prior to meeting Saturday, September 9th.


  • The opportunity to participate in (and gain information on) the jury process
  • An addition to your CV
  • Opportunity to exercise critical discourse and critique outside of ACAD classes

Please send a reply e-mail to with the subject line, “Jury Application“. In the email, please include your full name and student number, your year and major (if applicable) and a brief statement (100 to 250 words) about why you would like to participate.

Deadline: August 31st, 2017 at midnight.

Feel free to contact us with any questions.

The MNG looks forward to receiving your submissions!

Laura Pritchard
MNG Coordinator

Haley Craw – Her Potential for CorruptionScreen Shot 2017-06-18 at 4.47.40 PM.png

Show Runs: June 19 – September 1, 2017
Reception: June 21, 2017
6 pm – 7 pm

Main Mall, at the Alberta College of Art and Design

Marion Nicoll Gallery, LRT Space Alberta College of Art + Design

Her Potential For Corruption presents the relics of the Fallen Woman. Lingerie holds the memory of the body, an insistent absence marked with desire. The unapologetic display of Her intimate objects

resists ideological containment. Her relics destabilize the claims of incorruptibility given to saints and maintained through faith in the divinity of their wax facade. She defies incorruptibility as Her body transforms into a twisting, serpentine creature of silk and wax. Her meaning is unfixed, Her truth is indeterminate, and Her presence embodies doubt.

Haley Craw is a multidisciplinary artist based in Calgary, Canada. Her work presents relics, bodily traces, and the mythology of the Fallen Woman to explore female sexuality and ideology through both social contexts and reflections on personal experience. Her work was included in the Feminist Art Conference 2015, Femme Wave Festival, and kitschy kat’s haunted mouse at TRUCK Contemporary Art in Calgary. She curated the exhibition Shape-Shifters at the Alberta College of Art + Design. Her work has been featured in Filling Station Magazine, Venison Magazine, and Nailed Magazine.


Anna Semenoff – Phantom Form

Show Runs: June 19 – August 18, 2017
Reception: June 21, 2017
6 pm – 7 pm

Main Mall, at the Alberta College of Art and Design

Marion Nicoll Gallery, Main Space Alberta College of Art + Design

Phantom Form is a video-based sculptural installation.

The Form will physically respond to its tangible surroundings, while functioning in isolation, separate from its immediate environment. The Form acts convincingly in that it can be seen as sensible while occupying two spaces.
The Form creates a phenomenon – a reality within itself.
Phantom Form exposes two spaces, and identifies them to be seen as one.

Anna Semenoff is a Calgary-based artist currently attending her third year at the Alberta College of Art + Design. Her practice is comprised of video and sculptural based works.

Ashley Slemming – Finery Façade2017-07-17_21.20.33.jpg

Show runs: July 24 – Sept. 29, 2017-07-27

Reception: September 28, 2017 6 pm – 7 pm

Marion Nicoll Gallery +15 Space at Arts Commons

Two elegantly dressed Victorian figurines on a paper doily stand poised — “I cannot believe it, the audacity!” one figurine exclaims sharply. The other replies, “Who would do such a thing?”

Gossiping and sneering about faux pas fake fine dinnerware, ignorant of their own inauthentic identities as Made in China Victorian figurines, they remain marked by sticker underfoot.

Finery, Facade utilizes found objects and embellished paper plates to comment on kitsch, commodity, and mass-produced culturally charged objects.

Ashley Slemming is an artist based in her hometown, Calgary Alberta. She recently received a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a major in Print Media in 2017 and is currently focusing her conceptual practice around themes of cultural display, patterns, and repetition.



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