Call for submissions open at the beginning of the Fall and Winter semesters.

2019/20 Submissions – Open (Deadline: November 1, 2019 at midnight)

Information about the two gallery spaces available for application can be found at

All documentation must be submitted through the online submission form.

If you have any questions about the submission process, please send all inquiries to:


All current AUArts students are eligible to submit, as well as recent AUArts/ACAD graduates within the last three years.

The most important thing to consider as you draft your submission is to ensure that all parts of the submission inform each other – have a clear vision of what your exhibition is about and convey that with every component of your submission. When reviewing submissions, the jury is asked to keep three questions in mind:

1. Do you get a mental picture of the exhibition being proposed?
2. Do you believe that the person submitting the proposal can make the exhibition happen?
3. Do you think this exhibition should happen?

The anonymous jury is comprised of students from across the university. They make recommendations based on the specific criteria listed on the Proposal Rating Form. The jury deliberations and the contents of proposals submitted to the Marion Nicholl Gallery (MNG) remain confidential.

What does the jury look for? Click here to check out the jury comments from the last MNG jury session.

The application process is entirely electronic. Direct Email and Paper submissions will NOT be accepted. Due to the number of submissions received, the quantity of support material in the application is restricted. The jury will not review additional materials beyond the required documents. All documentation must be submitted through the online submission form.

Information Required:

1. Your name, student ID number, year and department (if submitting a group show or curatorial project, please include the main organizing individual’s information in this section)
2. Current contact information, including a non-AUArts email and your phone number
3. The space you are applying for (Main Space or LRT – consult the “About” page on the MNG website for details about each of the spaces, including maps and descriptions)
4. The name of your show
5. A timeline for when the work will be ready to install (now, two weeks, more than two weeks)
6. A short exhibition description (100 words maximum).

Attachments Required:

1. Support Materials
Submit as PDF documents. Label each page with its title and your student ID number – DO NOT include any identifying information (e.g. your name or contact information.)

a. Artist Statement (maximum 500 words)
Contextualizes the proposed exhibition within your artistic practice or practices of the participants. If submitting a curatorial project, include a curatorial statement instead. If you are submitting a proposal for an exhibition that includes more than one artist, please keep in mind the artist statements should be complimentary, and help the jury to understand why the group of artists is choosing to combine their practices in a group show.

b. Exhibition Proposal (maximum 500 words, you may also include a map/floorplan/layout)
Provide a detailed description of the proposed exhibition and its physical form. The description must include a clear and detailed plan of how your work will occupy and relate to the requested exhibition space. Indicate what the technical requirements of your exhibition are, and how you will fulfill them. One of the elements of a successful proposal is the applicant demonstrating that they are capable of organization and time management – we want to know if you can accomplish what you are planning for your show.

c. Curriculum Vitae (two pages maximum)
Your CV is an important component of the application, and juries consider what art related work and volunteer experience you have. Also list your education, previous exhibitions or performances, grants, scholarships or awards received, commissions, professional memberships and publications. A CV is presented in chronological order with your most recent accomplishments listed first. If you are proposing a group show, submit the CV of the main organizer/facilitator. If it is a collaborative show, submit a CV for each participant. If it is a curatorial project, submit the curator’s CV.

d. Visual/Audio Documentation List
This must correspond to your media files. Clearly indicate whether work is “proposed” – part of the exhibition, or “supporting” – presented as an indication of your previous work.

Follow this naming format for solo shows:
01 – AUArts ID number, title of work, medium, size, proposed
02 – AUArts ID number, title of work, medium, size, supporting

For group shows/curatorial projects:
01 – AUArts ID number (of organizer/curator), Artist A, title of work, medium, size, proposed
02 – AUArts ID number (of organizer/curator), Artist B, title of work, medium, size, supporting

e. Visual/Audio Documentation
Can be attached as individual files, or one zipped file.

  • Digital images (no more than 12): Must be .jpeg, RGB, 8bits at medium to high resolution (150 dpi and 1200 pixels along the longest side). Images must be properly lit, in focus and with the work centered within the frame of the image. For group shows or curatorial projects, submit a selection of work that best supports your proposal. Ensure files will open on a PC. **File numbers must correspond to the image list**.
  • Video/Sound (no more than 3): Submit only the material that demonstrates your artistic accomplishments related to the proposed project, and please limit each example to three minutes in length. Please ensure files will open on a PC. **File numbers must correspond to the image list**, and follow this format:

01 AUArts ID number
02 AUArts ID number

All documentation must be submitted through the online submission form:

2019/20 Submissions – Open (Deadline: November 1, 2019 at midnight)


Questions? Email